Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I Like Bowling

So, you all know the game. You take this big heavy ball (with only three holes?) and you throw it at ten pins, knocking that shit down.

I used to hate bowling. I used to find it boring, painful, and just completely unenjoyable. But once you get in the rhythm of it, its a lot of fun. This is an expression of why I am now able to enjoy bowling.

I love how the two synths play around the same central (and invisible) rhythm at first and eventually come together. Also, there are some pretty cool sounds.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Raindrops Keep F444LL1N on My Head

Not much to say here, its a song about rain. There is something about summer thunderstorms which I find strangely irresistible. The drums drip a little, the bass drives a lot, and the synth holds a ton of energy. Fast paced, intensely driven, and probably the best song I've written to date.

Here it is.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Night EP

Its called Night EP, and its about... well, nighttime. Something which is (to me, at least) calming and normalizing in the most interesting way. It is a collection of songs that starts with dusk (didn't know if you would notice), moves into a thunderstorm, spends some time in dreamland and ends with... well, it ends with a suitable ending. This EP is often dark and dirty (I do love it when you can feel the sounds scratch your eardrum), energetic when it needs to be and sometimes almost soothing (in a weird way). The sound is influenced by (but it doesn't really sound like): Acid Girls, autoKratz, Birdy Nam Nam, Metronomy, Ratatat, Shameboy, Tipper, and The Toxic Avenger.

1 - Dusk
2 - A Bat or Two
3 - Rings Around the Moon
4 - Summer Air (Electric)
5 - Flowing into a Dream
6 - Melting Clocks
7 - Night Then Morning
8 - AabcdDcbAbDA

Summer Air (Electric):

Rings Around the Moon:

Here it is, just download the archive file. It includes the eight song EP as well as the album artwork.

Its all Creative Commons under this license. That means: If you like it share it. And if you really like it, remix it (and do send me a copy, I'd love to hear it). But, no matter how much you like it, you can't sell it.

ps: Credit is due to Minus the Bear, Dusk uses a sample from Pachuca Sunrise (off of their acoustic album). Great band, check them out.