Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Fluent Arrival:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Remix Competition Closed (a few days ago)

Thanks for all the entries; I rather enjoyed listening to different interpretations of Broken Window. It was a tough call picking out the winner - not only did I have to consider the quality of the remixes I also had to consider the ways in which they fit into the upcoming album.

Which is on it's way out. This coming fall.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Remix Competition

I have recently heard some interest about remixing of one of my most recent tracks, My Broken Window. So, I decided to start a remix competition. The winning track will be featured on this site and may be included on the album that My Broken Window will be released on (and -if not- the winning track will definitely be released on an album of remixes in the near future). I have uploaded all of the individual track files (stripped of panning, fader, EQ and compression for the ease of the remixer) as well as my finished wave to filesavr here. You'll have to change the filename from image.jpg to image.zip in order to open the file. Alternatively, you can download it from filehosting here. However, you will need an email address.

Just some information about rights. This song is copyrighted under Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike. Essentially, you can send this song (and the component tracks) to everyone that you know, do three hundred remixes, feature it in your youtube video - whatever you want, really. As long as you do not profit from my work, attribute it to me, and share any derivative works under the same license. Thats that.

Anyway. Good luck. I look forward to hearing your submissions. Please upload the waves to soundcloud using this form. If I choose your track to win I will contact you via soundcloud and ask you to send me the full wave (as soundcloud compresses anything uploaded to it). The contest will end June 21st.