Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some News.

So, I have a bit of news. Im putting two albums on here in the near future. First is an EP called "How I Met the Man in the Bunny Mask" and second is a full length called "Rabbit Holes and Whirlwinds".

The tracklist for "How I Met the Man in the Bunny Mask":
1. Grasping For...
2. An Introduction
3. Breathing Underwater
4. Why I Like Bowling
5. Raindrops Keep F4444LL1N on My Head
6. An Agreement Between Trees and Streets (Equilibrium)
7. Home

This EP is about a very meaningful relationship and how it has affected me. It starts out with a prelude, proceeds to meeting and understanding, trips over an absurdity, attempts to find an equilibrium and then stops to breathe. I love this album in concept and in execution.

The tracklist for "Rabbit Holes and Whirlwinds":
1. Parting the Shades
2. Jumping Fences
3. Switch
4. A Breaking Point
5. Ode to a Caffeine Addict
6. To Need to Be
7. The Great Collapse into Ignorance (Bliss)
8. One of Those Whirlwinds
9. Creation
10. Point A
11. Again? Nevermind...
12. 1000 Milliseconds

So, I decided to write the second album on a whim (with the exceptions of songs four and five). I just sat down and poured out all of my thoughts and feelings over the course of a week. I was able to bring most of these songs to a level of completion that I have never been able to accomplish (and I would describe the sound as full and polished). The nature of these songs is incredibly personal; I attempt to describe my ideas, doubts, and falterings with music. It might be tough to grasp (still no lyrics) but if one listened to it enough one could understand why I tick.